IRT Infrared Arch Curing System

Infrared Arch IRT PowerCure shortens curing times for all paint materials.

The Infrared Arch IRT PowerCure is designed to be installed inside the spray booth and along with the SETS features, in-booth drying is taken to the next level.

IRT PowerCure Saves:


The IRT PowerCure will heat and cure the selected panels of the car. The computer keeps track of position and status of the IRT PowerCure and will turn on- and off the individual lamps in a fraction of a second, in order to only use the energy needed for the curing job. This radically reduces the energy consumption and pays off the investment in a very short time.

Time and Space

A typical damage is cured in 10 minutes or less. Leave the car for another 10 minutes to cool down.

IRT PowerCure offers you increased drying capacity as it turns your traditional booth into a rapid curing booth.

IRT PowerCure cures the paint from the inside and out without retaining solvents and moisture. This is why the car can be polished and processed further immediately after cool down.

The result

You save space and improve the throughput of cars in your bodyshop.


  • Mainly designed for drying 1-3 panels of the vehicle
  • Easy to cure loose parts or a complete car
  • No pre-heating of emitters necessary
  • Operates in one or two booths
  • Modern design and electronics
  • Light construction
  • Integrated ventilation system – protects electronics and lamps
  • Energy saving – the lamps are controlled individually
  • Extra lamp can be fitted to enable curing of high vehicles (option)
  • Integrated laser sensors for exact positioning
  • Integrated power transmission in rails
  • Arch garage parking in 1.2 m extended booth
  • Online control system – drive, service, update and programming via Internet
  • Online supervision control (option)
  • User-friendly graphics with self-instructive menus on touch screen
  • Programs for all types of paint material – water, solvent, clear, base etc.
  • Lifetime of lamps: 20,000 working hours

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