Z Air Waterborne Paint Curing System

The Waterborne Paint System is designed to speed up the drying time of the eco-friendly water base paints. It allows water-based paints to produce the best type of finish they are capable of. The system delivers and ensures that the painting surface remains unmarred from dust and dirt particles providing a quality finish.

The system uses already clean filtered spray booth cabin air. It does not draw air from the inlet plenum area or externally of the spray booth. The system is tested for quality and durability to ensure its safety and performance. This equipment requires little maintenance and is guaranteed to provide high-quality results. The system can be fitted to existing Spray Booth installations.

Description  |  Waterborne Curing System

Installation  |  Units are installed in each corner of the Spray Booth to target drying (four units in total). Cabin filtered, controlled high pressure air movement aids the curing of water based paints

Body Panel  |  1.5mm steel, powder coated white

Nozzles  |  40pcs, 38mm diameter, made of stainless steel, adjustable air direction

Ventilation  |  Four (4) filtered direct drive 1.0KW single intake fans, air capacity is 3,800m3/h per unit

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